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Strong Willed Kids Course

With this course you will...

  • Understand the needs behind your child's behaviours and find effective responses to create calm with your child.

  • Embrace the opportunities for personal and spiritual growth that a strong willed child brings.

  • Receive guidance through Play Therapy, Breathwork, Neuroscience and Yogic Principles to get to the root cause of dynamics and patterns.

What you'll get:

Lifetime access to an in-depth online course curated by Emma and Eleanor, co-founders of The Reconnected. Emma is a Kundalini Yoga Teacher and Breathworker. Eleanor is a Counsellor, Breathworker and Children's Play Therapist.

  • 1 x Introductory Unit and Access to the Strong Willed Kids Needs Quiz

  • 4 x Weekly Units covering the Four Needs of the Strong Willed Child (TM) including; written content, audio masterclasses and activities

  • Access to the ever-growing Strong Willed Kids Community filled with parents all around the globe - regular check-ins from Emma, Eleanor and our Community Coach Meghan

  • On-going technical support from our admin team ([email protected])