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Reconnected Parenting Course

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BONUS #1: Connected Play for Teens
6 units of additional Connected Play content for Teens (Eleanor still uses this for her 20-year old!)

BONUS #2: Connected Play for Babies
6 units of additional Connected Play content for Babies (Emma will be reusing this with her newest babe!)

BONUS #3: Alone In Your Awakening
A masterclass on what to do when your partner has a different parenting style or you are the only gentle parent for your child 

BONUS #4: Healthy Screen-Time
A masterclass on raising kids with healthy screen-time and how to support kids to tolerate switching off screen!

BONUS #5: Where Does The Time Go?
A masterclass on removing distractions from your daily practice for parents

BONUS #6: Private Instagram Group with group coaching for 6-weeks and access to the replays for 6-months (note: please write your correct instagram handle when you sign up so we can add you to the group. One per purchase). 

BONUS #7: The Forum Webinar Archive Library
Library of past webinars and Q&A sessions saved within the Reconnected Community Forum


What our 1500+ community have to say about the course...

Oh Emma Alta and Eleanor Mann thank you SO much, from the bottom of my heart for putting this information into a course I can work through. This came at the perfect time for me and I'm getting SO much out of it.

Being able to see my son’s challenging behaviours in a new way is such a game changer for me and I feel this will hugely help in building our relationship and healing a lot of 'stuff' there. THANK YOU!

Thank you Eleanor and Emma, the call was amazing, thank you for answering my questions, I actually feel a weight lifted. I’m truly in tears, full of gratitude and so much love for finding this community. Love you all. Xoxoxox

Wow. It’s so interesting and powerful that releasing guilt is the first step on this course! I was surprised by how many little incidents I had stowed away in my mind with tidbits of guilt attached to them. Amazing to have released, will definitely listen and do this again to dislodge and go deeper!

Tears streamed down my face as I released the guilt that surfaced during this session. I am eager to re listen to bring up anything else that is lingering.

This meditation really allowed to to allow space for the things I normally just push away and ignore. I was able to SAFELY feel what I felt in these memories.

There is something about CHOOSING to communicate with these memories that makes it so safe to start healing.

Really feel like I can go so much deeper with this too, my body even feels less stiff and more fluid as I really went into the places in my body where I hold these feelings definitely going to be a regular part of my practice.

Wow, that was so deep and emotional for me. Memories were just pouring into my head during this Breathwork. I feel really light now just before bed, thank you.

That was the most incredible meditation. I feel so full of love and I felt such a huge release. I'll definitely be doing that one regularly, my whole body felt light and tingly for most of it, it was very powerful.

What a beautiful meditation , I encountered many suppressed feels that I didn’t realize I was harboring .... after listening to this I had such a restful sleep and woke up feeling a lighter.

What a beautiful and powerful healing session that was. Were We’re looking forward to applying this tool to our everyday life. Thank you Eleanor and Emma.

Thank you! I feel so much lighter and my eyes literally look brighter after doing this meditation.

That was the most amazing mediation I’ve ever done, I’m like why have I not done this sooner!!

Wow. Just wow. This was so powerful for me, and incredibly potent with where i'm at in learning how to forgive myself in order to receive and strive for greater things.

I also felt a really strong emotional and physical reaction to allowing my innocence and worthiness to come forward - I have never allowed myself to feel innocent or to look at myself as an innocent being even as a child which I realise now has definitely been a defence mechanism. I will be revisiting this again and again, thank you!

What a powerful meditation. One of the first times I have been able to truly sink into a meditation.

I now feel completely able to be exactly the mother I want to be. From here I will only move forward with love, from love.

Wow, I’ve never dived into a meditative state so quickly!

By the end my heart felt brighter and I was able to fan away the heaviness from my body. More work to be done, but a significant start. Much gratitude xx

I completed my first connected play with my older child a few days ago. I feel like I play with them alot but this was so different. I could tell he felt seen and heard and I was so much more present with him. Magic!

Without this course, i feel like i would have reverted to old patterning of giving in to his intense emotions instead of loving him throughout his rage

The Connected Play session allowed us to be calm and simple and present and I just feel so relieved to find a way to give her this chance to have her cup filled. Excited to incorporate this into our lives.

My son asked for a connected play session today. It was so pleasant, natural and he just lapped up the attention. Love this practice and what it brings to our lives.

Thank you so much for providing us with such valuable tools and wonderful support along the way!

This course has been such a gift, we are now living on the road and with my husband around we can easily find the time for CP. I did a separate session with my two eldest today and they both loved it. I am so grateful to be seeing my triggers and my coping mechanisms with clarity, making it easier to release the past version of myself and step into the more peaceful and present ‘me’ which was my intention at the very beginning. I look back at the visions I have held over the past few years which felt so out of reach at the time, and now it has all manifested in front of me. Thank you, Emma and Eleanor, I can’t wait to revisit this beautiful, powerful space time and time again. X.