Our Reconnected Parenting™ Course:

This highly acclaimed program turns parenting challenges into opportunities for personal growth and helps you find a deeper spiritual connection with your child, whilst creating genuine shifts in your awareness that are tangible in everyday life!

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$99 USD/m

  • Six week online course with professional weekly videos, guided audios, and written material. 
  • Private community forums with 900+ conscious families to journey with!!
  • ‚ÄčLifetime access ( we grow together!! )
  • Fortnightly webinars for group coaching (ongoing) with Emma & Eleanor. Bring your questions and we help ! 
  • Monthly group 'circles' and live breathwork sessions (ongoing)
  • Heaps of amazing bonus material - including eye gazing with newborns & how to connect with teens 

Our Reconnected Parenting™ Course:

Turns parenting challenges into opportunities for personal growth and helps you find a deeper spiritual connection with your child whilst creating genuine shifts in your awareness that are tangible in everyday life!

This course was made for these times!

We'll support you to support your children emotionally and live with intention and grace as a family through the current challenges. 


Whats included:

  • Six week online course with weekly videos, guided audios, and written material. 
  • Learn powerful tools using The Salestine Method™ - Created by Co Founders Eleanor & Emma. 
  • Private community forums with 900+ conscious families to journey with!!
  • Lifetime access
  • Fortnightly webinars for group coaching with Emma & Eleanor. (This alone is INCREDIBLE Value - 2 professionals guiding you fortnightly!!)
  • Monthly group parenting 'circles' with breathwork & space holding. 
  • Heaps of amazing bonus material - including eye gazing with newborns & how to connect with teens
Yes Please!!

Reconnected Parenting

Based on our unique Salestine Method™, combining profound practices using the breath, body and relational attunement. On the cutting edge of science these tools create genuine and lasting change.  

Our community is thriving as a result of doing this powerful work.   

Connected Play™

A unique way of bringing presence and holding space to our children through play. It is based on a profound play therapy model used by professionals yet is simple to learn, yet the changes it brings to families make it a life changing practice. 


With Reconnected Parenting™ you will:

  • Create space to cultivate deep and complete self-compassion and love, so that you can fill your own cup and let it overflow to your family.
  • Re-discover the joy in everyday and meet your children more fully in the present moment.
  • Space to connect to your intuition and centre.
  • Opportunities to recognise and rewire what no longer serves you as a parent.
  • Space to process your childhood experiences so you can break dysfunctional generational patterns.
  • Increase your ability to navigate big feelings for your children and yourself! 
  • Connect with like minded community also looking to parent in new paradigm ways that respect and recognise the inherent spiritual nature of human beings!

With our profound Connected Play™ model you will:

  • Create potent opportunities for connection with your child through play
  • Offers your child a space where their heart and soul can be expressed 
  • Invites your child to process their experiences, to learn to express emotions, self regulate, explore their self concept, their creativity, and experience themselves in new ways. 
  • Understand the needs behind your children's behaviour.
  • Find ways to flow with strong willed and sensitive children.

We surveyed our community and found that since joining the Reconnected Parenting™ community:

98% of people feel more present with their children.
100% of people felt better equipped to support their children emotionally.
90% of parents experienced healing and new awareness of their own childhood.
92% of parents said they were less triggered by their children, and more able to stay calm during stressful moments.

Course Breakdown

Meet your guides 

Together Emma and Eleanor have over 16 years of therapeutic practice and 9 children between them. They came together to create The Salestine Method™ and Co Founded The Reconnected, Home of their first highly acclaimed project together Reconnected Parenting

Eleanor Mann

Eleanor is registered counsellor, holding a BA of Social Science (Counselling), a BA of Psychology (Hons), a Diploma in Breathwork, and a Grad Diploma in Child Centred Play Therapy. Eleanor is Co Founder of Reconnected Parenting and brings to the program a decade of working with parents as a counsellor, breathworker and play therapist, and over 15 years of personal practice in Breathwork and personal development. 


Emma Alta

Emma has been known as NewEarth.Mama for many years, a successful self published author with Mastery in Rebirthing Breathwork, Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Certified Advanced Theta Healing & Mind Body Intuitive, seeing thousands of clients with powerful testimonials. In her past she has been professional ballerina, and top model working for vogue, harpers bazaar and walking in London, Milan, Paris and Sydney Fashion week shows. Now, she is walking the path of conscious living with her young family on the East coast of Australia.

What our community members are saying:

Yoni, Hawaii

"I just knew Reconnected Parenting was the next step to help us with parenting. We’d begun to loose our tempers more as our son, Bodhi, has begun to just push more boundaries and be that archetype of a “spirited” child.

We were hoping to be able to learn techniques and coping skills to deal with how we feel in the moment and then how to better serve him.

During the program I had a deep healing experience where i saw his spirit and it was just so sweet and playful."

Chatelle, Victoria, Australia

"As soon as you sign up, you feel energetically connected to the whole community. 

Just that sense of connection with other likeminded parents made a difference to me, amongst the busyness of parenting a toddler and a newborn"

Michelle, Columbia 

"Reconnected Parenting offered tools that I had never heard of, and in particular I have found that the Connected Play is absolutely amazing.

This has far exceeded my expectations. I love the combination of self care for parents...reflections...and then how they tie in with the work we do with our kids." 

Tara, Australia 

"Since joining Reconnected Parenting I have felt so held and a apart of a beautiful community.

Being able to identify my triggers has been a huge takeaway for me and OMG I love the breathwork!

The course has actually exceeded my expectations so much. I have felt so held and apart of a beautiful community."


James, Sydney 

"As a man, it can be sometimes hard to show up in groups like this, but what I have found through the course, is that I am really noticing my triggers and connecting with my breath. 

One of the major things I have noticed is that I am way more present and deeply connected with my children"

Kim, Australia

"I signed up for Reconnected Parenting  because I knew there was some old patterns and emotions that needed shifting however I felt a little lost with how to actually start the process. 

I knew the importance of becoming more self aware so I could have the relationship that I desire with my own daughter.

Luckily the universe responded and my friend informed me of the course"


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Reconnected Parenting

$375 USD

Top Features

  • LIVE and INTERACTIVE Group Coaching Webinars
  • Personalised coaching via forums and webinars. 
  • Six weeks of personal development practices for parents.
  • Six weeks of Connected Play coaching for parents to practice with their children. 
  • Lifetime Access!

Payment Plan

$99 USD/m

Top Features

  • Easy payment plan of $99 USD/month for 4 months ($396 USD)
  • Includes all the features of the Reconnected Parenting Program 
  • Lifetime Access
  • Community Forums
  • Access to the Reconnected Expanders program

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